August 13, 2016


[About Liprostin™] – [Peripheral Artery Disease] [PGE-1 Information] [Ulcerations]

Liprostin™, AngioSoma, Inc.’s flagship product in its product pipeline, is a Peripheral Artery Disease (‘PAD‘) therapy using FDA approved Alprostadil™ (a prostaglandin, referred to as PGE-1) packaged inside a proprietary Liposome for controlled drug release.

Phase II Clinical Trials (a-b-c) were completed with excellent results while treating intermittent claudication (pain from walking) and non-healing ulceration.  Data shows Liprostin™ is more than twice as effective as and four times faster than FDA approved drug Cilostazol™ for treating intermittent claudication. A huge, non-healing ulceration was eliminated in 200 days. We have established our protocols and are ready to retain a Contract Research Organization to conduct Clinical Trials Phase III with the 120+ patient protocol approved by the FDA, which will take approximately 12 months to complete.

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